Summer in Kalgoorlie!

St. Barbara’s Day Festival.


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Since our last post we have done a few things around here as you can see from the photos. In December they had their St Barbara Day Festival where they have a big parade and bring some of the big machinery out for the day and pelt lollies at you. Actually we were on the wrong side and the wind was blowing them back at them! The dump truck in the photo here is as tall as the two storey pub on the corner.

For my birthday we did a half hour scenic flight over Kalgoorlie and the Super Pit which was great and you get to see just how big the hole is next to the town. You also get to see there is a whole lot of nothing beyond the town too!

After Xmas we went for a drive with Helen and Graeme (also from this park) up to Menzies and out to Lake Ballard (about two hours north). This is a huge salt lake with 51 sculptures spaced out on it. In the distance it looked like there was water in it but it was only a mirage. Lucky we took plenty of water with us as the day we went was about 45 degrees but out on the lake was more like 50!

Another day over the Xmas break we went to the local brothel for a tour which was well worth doing and the madam had plenty of stories to tell as you can imagine! It was only $20 for about one and a half hours opposed to $280 an hour with one of the girls!

On Australia Day weekend we drove about 400 kms to Hyden to see Wave Rock. Amazing how this just pops up out of nowhere. There’s also a salt lake which actually had water in it and is seven times more saltier than the ocean! They have made a pool using the same water so you can go for a dip and you can’t sink! You just bob around in it!

Recently we had a couple of days good rain and Kalgoorlie had a river running through it. Funny how people bring their blow up boats and canoes out and get in it! But also the lakes around here filled up with water so we went for a drive last weekend to have a look (one we went to twelve months ago was bone dry) and was surprised to see ski boats and jet skis in them.

The weather here is starting to cool down a bit with the days being around high 20’s to mid 30’s, perfect! We brought ourselves a portable air con for the hot nights and glad we did. But it probably won’t be long now before it will get cold again!

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Greg Makes The Local News!

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The Latest From Kalgoorlie!

The Latest From Kalgoorlie!


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We’ve not done a great deal, both still working and looking forward to the day we leave! The weather is warming up now, but then again, it can be 39 one day and then 22 degrees the next! But one thing for certain is the wind off the Superpit every morning is about 20 to 25kms/hour when I’m riding to work(head wind) and then it changes direction so I get it coming home! No, ‘Ferris’ is still going, I thought I would get some exercise!

Well we ended up having about 200 Rebel bikies’ here for the night when they went through on their annual run from the east coast to Perth. We knew of about 40 booked in and I was ‘gobsmacked’ when I came home and saw them all! They were fairly quite until the next morning when they all starting leaving about five am. Would have been nice if they pushed their bikes out!!

In September we went to the Kalgoorlie Cup Race Day and even though we weren’t lucky we had a great day anyhow! The fashions were up there with the Melbourne Cup and just about everyone dressed to the nines! Also enjoyed the Jimmy Barnes concert too and went to the rodeo another night but it was freezing!

One Sunday we went for a drive to have a look at Wendy’s Gully not far out of town. It wasn’t much more than a big yabbie dam but we saw plenty of wildflowers out and there was a lot of old abandoned mines. Most are not fenced off, so you wouldn’t want to be stumbling around in the dark! There are also lots of dirt 4WD tracks running off in all directions and it would be easy to get lost! We followed one track that went alongside the power lines and used the GPS on the phone to come out onto another main road.

Never a dull moment here in Boulder with a couple of incidents that we know of! None of these made the local paper for some reason! The first, was one local indigenous attacked another outside the bottle shop in the middle of the day, mid week with a Passion Pop bottle. Apparently it was a mess with the streets closed and unfortunately he didn’t survive!

The other incident was a armed robbery at the local mini supermarket one Saturday. We had no idea about it, but I’d just got back from the line with the washing when about a dozen police officers armed with rifles came sneaking past. Apparently someone saw this guy near here and unbeknown to us they had the park closed off not letting anyone in or out while they staked the place out. We didn’t know whether to hit the deck or go inside….but I don’t think the canvas walls would have saved us if they had a shoot out! Never heard any more so we don’t know if they found him or not(but the car was seen getting loaded onto a tow truck out the front here on Monday)!

Last month they had Boulderfest (Boulder’s Oktoberfest) which a few of us decided to participate in. The idea is, at the first pub you buy your pint glass full and then do a pub crawl filling it at each one. I think we only missed one pub! A good day was had by all with a couple of bands and good food as well!

Last weekend was Greg’s birthday…..’Happy Birthday’! We had a quite day and walked up to the local pub for dinner. And that about brings us up to date!

It will be Xmas before we know it, so we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas now and have a great New Year….

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Life In Kalgoorlie!




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We’ve settled into the ‘Kalgoorlian’ lifestyle with both of us working fulltime now. Greg got a job as a fitter with ‘Orica’ where they make explosives for the mines. (He’s actually making a cake now as I write this, good man!) . We’ve moved to a bigger, more permanent site, so Greg brought a tarp and did some extensions and now we live in a palace!
We were thinking of staying here 12 to 18 months and saving as much as we can and then head off on our next adventure and hopefully have 12 months off. But having said that, the mines are slowing down with the gold prices and a few people are getting laid off, so we’ll just see what happens. Even though neither of us work directly for the mines, they try and support the locals here first before going outside for their resources so most companies here rely on them for the majority of their business.
A few things we’ve done so far include seeing the ‘Hockeyroos’ playing here against the best of the locals, the ‘Kalgoorlie Allstars’ about six weeks ago and even though they didn’t win they still put up a good fight and it was a great game to watch.
We went on a ‘Superpit” tour a few of weeks ago which was quite interesting and you get up close with the big dump trucks. Another weekend we went for a drive to Kanowna, about 20kms away where there use to be a town but now only has a lot of old mine shafts and a couple of pioneer cemetery’s! There’s also a gold processing plant nearby, Barricks’ Kanowna Belle.
On Anzac Day we went to the races and even though we didn’t do any good with the horses we had a good day anyway. They have the races on every Sunday here until the Kalgoorlie Cup in September and then it’s over till the next year as it’s too hot in summer. Jimmy Barnes will be playing at the ‘ Kalgoorlie race round’ and we got tickets for that, something to look forward to!
A few weeks ago Ewan McGregor was here filming scenes for his new movie “Son of a Gun’. I watched a police chase scene which was just up the road from here, but missed seeing them roll the car! We’ve also had Jon English and Frankie J Holden staying at this park (not at the same time).
On the long weekend we went to Esperance about 4 hours drive away and it was great to see blue water and white sand again! The weather wasn’t great but it didn’t matter as we were just glad for a change and we stayed in a motel anyway. We did the tourist drives and went out to Cape Le Grande National Park for a look and to Lucky Bay which is suppose to be one of the best in Australia . It was overcast but on a good day the water is really blue and the sand is like powder. We even saw a whale!
A couple of weeks ago we brought an old bomb named ‘ Ferris, the Blue Ferrari’ so I don’t have to ride to work anymore and good timing too, as that week we got 2 and 3 degree mornings with frost! A couple of mornings I’ve even had ice on the windscreen. Brrrrrrrrrr! What happened to the plan of ‘no more winters’!
Well, that just about brings us up to date for now! Hope everyone is well and keeping warm and we would love to hear from you!

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Kalgoorlie – Home for a While!



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I can’t believe it was February since our last update! Where has the time gone?…busy,busy!

We enjoyed our trip back home to the Coast for Henry’s birthday party and and I think he was genuinely surprised to see us! It was great to catch up with both family and friends again that we could in the amount of time we had, which wasn’t long enough of course!

The trip back was a long one getting up at two in the morning and arriving in Kalgoorlie 10.30pm WA time. We worked out we were up for 24 hours!

Since we’ve been back, it was out there looking for jobs again and doing the rounds of the labour hire places. I ended up getting a full time permanent job as a store person/delivery driver at an auto spare parts shop. I especially like doing the deliveries and getting out and about and I’m really getting to know my way around Kalgoorlie now. Greg has done a couple of ‘shut downs’ but they were only for one or two days. At the moment he is back on the Central Coast at Vales Point Power Station doing an ‘outage’. Toshiba flew him home and hopefully he will be back in a couple of weeks with a healthy pay pack. Also he could have a permanent job when he gets back to Kalgoorlie, fingers crossed!

So far we have been for a couple of drives out to Coolgardie, Douglas Lake(which was red), Broad Arrow Hotel, Ora Banda Hotel for lunch and Rowles Lagoon which was empty. It’s amazing how many mines are around here. One day we went out to the Bush Two Up where they were betting minimum $100 & $200 throws! Needless to say, we didn’t have a bet! One bloke we reckon had about ten grand in his hand and the majority of the other betters were Philippino women! Their husbands were probably at work! We’ve also been to the speedway and the community fair which was pretty poor, especially as it was $15 dollars to get in and not much to see. The speedway was good and I have since been back again with a family we met(Karen,Mick,Joel & Tye) who are also living in the caravan park. We also ran into a bloke living in this park that I worked with at Woollies warehouse…small world!

Greg has joined the local hockey team and had his first game before he went back to the coast. They put him on the wing and made him do some running! I believe he felt it a couple of days later!

Last weekend was Easter and I had four days off. Wasn’t much to do but I went for a bit of a drive and took some photos of the old buildings around the town, some which date back to the early 1900′s. There’s a lot of history here with the gold fields and miners and also the pipeline that comes all the way from Perth(650kms) with their water supply. Other than that, there’s a lot of open space and red dirt outside of Kalgoorlie and a long way between towns!

Well,it’s 4 p.m. and must be happy hour so I’ll just toddle off to Karen and Mick’s place for a couple of cold ones. Cheers!

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Port Lincoln-Kalgoorlie

As I write this, we are sitting on the train on our way from Kalgoorlie to Perth. When we get there we will be catching a plane tomorrow back to the Central Coast for ten days. We arrived at Kalgoorlie a week ago and have started looking for work. Absolutely sick of filling out forms for the labour hire places! Greg has had a couple of niggles for shut down work, so hope he gets lucky! Nothing for myself yet but something will come up sooner or later.
We had a few days at Port Lincoln (nice place) Australia Day weekend when the Tunarama Festival was on. We had the day in town watching the parade, the ‘tuna throwing’ competition, stalls and sideshows and later the fireworks. Next day we went to the races and got a couple of Quinellas up which paid for the day out and still change left over!
Before we went to Port Lincoln we had a couple of days at Lincoln NP. When we were setting up we noticed a few bees hanging around. By the time we finished there were hundreds! They were trying to get to the water in our trailer so we put a bucket away from the camp a bit and they drank about five litres a day!
Afterwards we went to Coffin Bay NP for a couple of days and then Streaky Bay. Here we caught more Blue Swimmers off the jetty and a squid as well. That nights dinner was ‘chilli crab’ and ‘salt & pepper squid’…..yum! Next port of call was Fowlers Bay before we crossed the Nullabor. Caught a couple of fish and one being a ‘king fish’ which was very nice! It took us three days to cross the Nullabor as we took our time and stopped a few times to see The Great Australian Bight. Very spectacular! We didn’t find the drive boring at all as some people say it is!
We were surprised how big Kalgoorlie was when we got there! A lot bigger than I remember when I went there in 1998 and a lot cleaner. There’s heaps of beautiful grand old buildings and lots of pubs as well! Got to keep the miners happy!
Anyway we hope to see most of you over the next week….looking forward to it!

Port Lincoln-Kalgoorlie


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Adelaide-Eyre Peninsular

Happy New Year to all and hope it’s a great one for you!
We had a nice quite Xmas and New Year with Vicki at Adelaide (thanks) and got to see the sights while staying there for two and a half weeks. We did day trips to Barossa Valley, Hahndorf, Victor Harbour, Adelaide CBD, Port Adelaide and Glenelg. Victor Harbour looked quite nice and we would like to go back another day for a better look. Adelaide is such a small city compared to Sydney and is more like the Central Coast size wise. It’s fairly easy to get around, though we still used the trains to go into the city cause it’s easier and you don’t have to worry about parking. Glenelg is to Adelaide what Bondi Beach is to Sydney but we couldn’t believe how uncrowded it was especially in the middle of the school holidays and on a hot day! And didn’t we have some hot days! Quite a few in the mid 40’s, but then it can turn around the next day and be 25 degrees and windy as!
Since moving on we have been to Port Pirie, Mt Remarkable NP, Port Augusta, Whyalla and a couple of free camps on the coast of Eyre Peninsular. One spot at Port Gibbon there were about 20 people for happy hour, mostly grey nomads and from all over the country. Some of their setups are phenomenal and lots of money in them! Mostly in big Landcruisers with huge caravans and some in buses towing cars, boats and heaps of gear. Amazing how many have sold their homes as well!
We are planning on being in Port Lincoln for Australia Day and the Tunarama Festival which goes all weekend. After that, we don’t know til we get there! But we should be back on the coast for a week or so for Henry’s 90th birthday, so I hope we can catch up with most of you.



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Yorke Peninsula

We’ve just had a couple of weeks touring the Yorke Peninsula. There’s not a great deal to see here except wheat and barley fields from one side of the coast to the other. There’s lots of little fishing villages with some old shacks and lots of brand new BIG holiday homes. Like most of SA there’s a lot of history about old mines, ports and historic stone buildings. Nearly every town is ‘Port’ something. All most everyday was blowing a gale and when it wasn’t the flies drove you mad! The beaches weren’t much either, mainly all rocks or full of weeds. We saw a couple of sharks one day at Innes National Park close to shore feeding in the weeds. No swimming here! We also came across a scorpion and a snake near our camp.
We had a couple of nights in a motel in Stansbury for my birthday as we had a ‘Wot-If’ voucher to use before Xmas(thanks Denise & Glen)! Stansbury was a nice little town and we had a seafood lunch at the pub, but as usual it was windy. Oh, and I officially retired from Woolies……..happy birthday to me!
The highlight for us is the blue swimmer crabs that we’ve caught a couple of times. Down here at low tide they rake the sand and amongst the weeds where they are hiding. Must wear shoes though, cause if you miss they come after you! But yummo! We might try and get some more for Xmas day.
We both wish everyone a Merry Xmas and hope you have a great day and New Year and think of us when we are tucking into fresh crabs!

Merry Xmas to all!

Yorke Peninsula.


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Oh, and we blew a tyre as well! All part of the adventure though!

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Wilcannia to Broken Hill!

We ended up staying nine nights at Wilcannia on ‘Moorabin Station’ with Beryl and her son Paul doing some gardening and odd jobs about the place. It is 600 acres and use to be a sheep station with its own shearing shed and even an air strip and hangar which her son in law still uses when he goes out mustering for other people. We enjoyed the experience and Beryls’ company. She is quite amazing for an 85 year old and there’s not much she can’t do including moving rocks, laying pavers and even a bit of concreting. She also does a lot of volunteer work and on a few different committees for Wilcannia as well as working two days a week book keeping for the local supermarket and pub. Funnily, she comes from Berkley Vale on the Central Coast and only brought out here seven years ago when she was 78! What the …….?
We would do a few hours work in the morning (in exchange for accommodation and meals) and then go for walks around the station. One day we had a ‘too close encounter’ with a brown snake about 5 to 6 feet long. It was coming up the bank from the river and we were in its way. It was up in attack mode and Greg put the binoculars between him and it. It then left but scared the shit out of us and we both had ‘jelly legs’ for a while!
Another day we went to White Cliffs for the day which is a opal mining town about an hours drive away. Quite an interesting place but you don’t see much activity about, so they must be all underground. Can’t say I blame them as now we are experiencing 40+ degree heat and we ended up doing a mine tour which got us out of the heat for a while.
Wilcannia has always had a bad reputation but is a nice town with beautiful old sandstone buildings from when it use to be a busy paddle steamer port. In the three years since we passed through here they have started restoring the buildings and opening them up again. They still have a long way to go but at least they’ve started and they are also trying to get a grant to rebuild the old port for tourism.
After leaving Beryls we went onto Mennindee Lakes for a couple of days and camped out at the national park on the Darling River again. Last time we came here three years ago there was no water in the lakes but now it is still full from all the floods they have had since. They were even releasing water into the river! We caught more yabbies and FINALLY our luck has changed and we started catching edible fish. We pulled in four good size ‘yellow bellies’ and even let one go as we had more than enough for a couple of days!
The next four nights we spent in Broken Hill. The first three days were up to 44 degrees so we did tours of art galleries, museums and the RFDS to stay in the air conditioning. We even went to Hungry Jacks three times for their Sundaes! Broken Hills architecture is certainly interesting with old miners corrugated iron shacks, rendered cottages, modern homes and extravagant public buildings. But in the middle as well as the outskirts of the town are the mines which makes it quite ugly! Once in it’s heyday it use to have 60 pubs but now days it only has about 20, plus I don’t know how many clubs! On the last day we went out to Silverton for the day and walked around looking at what old buildings were still left which wasn’t many! Had lunch at the pub which was OK as long as you like sausages!
Today we drove to Peterborough in SA where we are just staying the one night. We walked around the town this arvo and nearly all the beautiful old buildings are made of stone and concrete and some date back to 1880’s. But we couldn’t get over how great condition they all were as you usually find them deterriating and falling down.
From here on we are heading down to Yorke Peninsula for a couple of weeks before going to Adelaide to have Christmas with Vicki who I went to Primary school with. Looking forward to that!

Wilcannia to Broken Hill!


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The Outback!

As soon as we picked up the trailer we headed off to Somerset Dam again for four nights. While here we caught ‘red claws’ and some were a good size! They taste a lot like crab meat. We caught these with pumpkin and potatoes. Some people use watermelon. Apparently they are vegetarians though some people claim they have caught them with chicken necks. The Melbourne Cup was on while we were here and Greg backed the winner & I got second. Pity we didn’t have a Quinella.

From there we drove onto Toowoomba stopping briefly to see Greg’s mate Shaun & his son Brock who were there to race in the motor cross. Drove onto Goondawindi and had lunch at the pub for Greg’s birthday. We stayed overnight in a caravan park which is a lot like the one in Toukley. The owners were nice but some of the permanents were a bit ‘how you going’!

We’ve since been to Collarenebri between Moree and Walget on the Barwon River. A free camp, (this one with hot showers) and a top spot on the river which looks to be full. The Barwon/Darling Rivers are thick with carp and you can see them swimming about feeding. I managed to hook myself in the knee with a lure. Didn’t hurt when it happened but trying to get it out did. Greg had to cut the hook from the lure and push it right through to get it out. (I’m sure he enjoyed that!)

Next day we drove onto Brewarrina and camped out at 4 Mile Camping Reserve, also on the Barwon River. We’ve been here before and it’s also a free camp with cold showers. It was up to 38oC so cold showers were fine! We weren’t the only ones hot as there were plenty of green frogs in the loo! We spent two nights here, swam and went for a paddle up the river. Drove onto Bourke the next day and stocked up again before driving onto Louth. We camped there for a night across the river from the pub. We went over for a couple of beers and the publican told us to put our traps in and we would get a feed of yabbies. We used lamb necks and got half a bucket full, 37 in all!

Today we drove to Tilpa Weir and managed to pick up a truck load of mud on the way. They had a bit of rain over night and it turned the road into sticky mud which clung to the trailer and car! Will camp for one night here before we go to Wilcannia tomorrow to stay on a station (through an organisation called ‘Outback Helpers’) with an 85 year old lady named Beryl. Should be interesting! We don’t know how long we will be there for or what we will be doing!

Red Claws!


This album has 6 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 15/02/2013.

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